Friday, March 1, 2013

Foraging for wild Mushrooms

While walking in the pine forest plantation behind my sister's secluded home on a rainy afternoon last month, we came across some beautiful boletus edulis mushrooms. They had freshly sprung through the fragrant carpet of needles, as yet undiscovered by the vigilant resident baboon population. We gathered as many as we could hold, mouths watering for the rich feast ahead.

After scrubbing them well and wiping away any persistent goggas (bugs), we sliced them up.

Then we simply fried them in butter, garlic and rosemary, later adding cream and seasoning to the pan.

Tossed with pasta, they made a lip-smacking meal.

The leftover slices of mushroom were dried on a rack in the oven. The weather was too damp to dry them any other way.

By morning we each had a jar packed full of pungent dried mushrooms. A couple of slices flavour a whole pot. My well guarded jar is hidden in my pantry, only to be used on special occasions.

Although we didn't initially set out to find them, mushroom foraging is an exciting activity that involves the whole family TREASURING TIME TOGETHER, provides FREE FUN FITNESS. A true CAREFREE COOKING experience too, considering the current retail mushroom prices. The way we live, eating mostly home grown, local food, mushrooms have become a treat which I seldom buy. In fact, all through Summer, I have hardly set foot in the fresh produce section of our grocery store. We just live off what's in season here on the farm.

What are you currently foraging for where you live?

Leave a comment. I'd love to hear about it.

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