Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Every Last Drop

My mum gave me a timely tip after reading my last post....

When a tube is all squeezed out and ready for the bin, cut it in half and you will find a whole lot of extra product to keep you going. Apparently a tube of toothpaste will last another week or more if you try it.

Well, we live far from the shops and my face wash was 'empty' so I gave it a try. I have already had the benefit of six extra face washes by dipping my finger into the cut-open tube, and I can see many more lurking in there.

I have just cut open the sumptuous "Cellular Boost Sugar Balm for Neck and Bust with Pamplemousse and Shea Butter" that was heading for the bin. I see three more luxurious treatments just waiting for me.

Thanks Mum for the USE IT - DON'T LOSE IT tip, it's a good one.

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