Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Beauty on a Budget - Lotions, Potions and Commotions

Beauty requires many lotions, potions and commotions, right? Not really. Settling on what works for me, and using up what I have before buying more goes a long way to saving money and keeping my bathroom and bedroom relatively clutter free.

My Elastic Motto is USE IT - DON'T LOSE IT. This means using up the shampoo, moisturizer or bottle of beauty enhancement potion before opening or buying the next one. If you're a stockpiling lady, then keep that stockpile stashed out of sight. Lots of open bottles of half used lotions, potions and commotions makes a mess and often result in the older ones being tossed and wasted before they are completely finished.

Around here, I try to keep it simple. One shampoo and one conditioner per bathroom. One face cleanser, one toner and one face moisturizer for morning and another for night. I only bring out a new one when the old one is empty. My last shampoo wash is always a rinsing out the bottle with water to get at every last drop, even if I have a new one waiting in the wings. Stretch it to it's maximum usage, but do use it.

There are two exceptions to this:

The first one is hand cream and lip balm. We live in a dry climate, so I have hand cream and lip balm in my handbag, in my bedside drawer and in my desk drawer, ready to apply at a moments notice.

The second exception is when I have been given lotions, potions and commotions as gifts. Then I do tend to collect up treatments and lotions. However, I will only buy a similar type of beauty product when that gift is all used up. So even though I do have a small stash of beauty products, I am certainly not adding to the pile of lovely treats, rather using and enjoying them.

In the past I have visited friends and seen gifted lotions, potions and commotions gathering dust, losing their scent and growing old, just decorating a bathroom or bedroom. Rather ENJOY it while it lasts and have some fun while you USE IT UP.

Think of perfume. Old scents lose their appeal. Rather wear it every day, smell lovely and enjoy it before buying more. If you don't really like it, then use it to scent your linen, or your bathroom.
Don't you like your hand cream or face cream?  Use it up on your legs.
Do you have talcum powder gathering dust? Sprinkle it in your shoes or on your sheets.
Are there bath salts getting old on your shelf? How about a candlelit bath tonight, a pamper session alone, or shared with someone special?

It's time for a look at all our bottles of beauty products ....

I just found a bottle of La Pebras Hair Fixing Cream from the days when my daughter did ballet and we fixed her hair into a neat bun. If I close my eyes the scent takes me back to getting ready for concerts and eisteddfods. What excitement. She gave up ballet a few years ago, so I have just donated it to my son so that he can have some fun with his hair.

The second oldest thing I found in my bathroom is a tube of Wasabi Detoxing Clay Mask. Mmmm, time for a mini spa session with my daughter this afternoon.

So here's a challenge for you:
What is the oldest lotion, potion or commotion in your stash? 
How can you have fun with it..... USE IT - DON'T LOSE IT.

Join the challenge and share what you find and what you plan to do with it. 


  1. I'm a use it up kind of girl too.

    My shelf of products is organized by type with the oldest in the front. So it's always first in, first out.

  2. I recently did a clean out of my bathroom cupboard and turfed all the expired items. There were not as many as I expected so I hid all the new bottles of shampoos etc and put out ones that were half used. We have used these up over the last few months and now have one set of shampoo and conditioner in each bathroom. I too have lip balm (homemade calendula) and hand cream in my kitchen, bedside drawer and bag. Makes it much simpler.

  3. Oh the clutter of the bathroom cabinet...I also go for fewer products as it makes life easy. A friend runs 'swishing' sessions for lotions & potions...It's great for exchanging nail varnishes, bubble baths, etc...