Thursday, March 20, 2014

Strawberry Popcorn

Everybody's intrigued by this beautifully ornamental, delicious strawberry popcorn. It is an heirloom corn. We planted more than 40 plants in our veggie tunnel as early as I could after the frost ended on Spring so that they wouldn't cross-pollinate with the maize on the farm. The plants were planted in a block rather than in rows to aid wind, pollination.The seeds germinated well, sending their grass-like leaves up in promise of a good harvest. As they matured they were attacked by aphids, but a host of ladybug larvae were soon feasting on the miniature invaders. We have had a heap of rain lately so I picked the cobs before the plants were fully dry to prevent them from going mouldy.

I dried the miniature cobs on a sunny windowsill. 

When the kernels are dry enough, they shuck easily off the cob. One cob gives about 1/3 cup of red jewel kernels.

The secret to perfect popping corn is the kernels being dry enough. If, like me, you are impatient, your popcorn will only pop open in tiny cracks.

 On the other hand, if you wait a little longer while they dry...

you will be rewarded with fluffy bowls of tiny popcorn. 



  1. Wow Catherine, you are amazing. I imagine that it must be absolutely delish! You will need to start exporting it soon. Consider me your first customer. You're such an inspiration x

  2. Ha ha, Shirley, I don't even think I grew enough to keep my boy in popcorn. But thanks for the compliment.