Saturday, October 13, 2012

Never Independent

Self sufficiency defined in a dinner, last night.

Pasta tossed in Rosie's butter and just picked and steamed asparagus tips, broad beans and slivers of spinach. Sharp salty matured crumbly gouda - who ever heard of that, mature gouda? And my feta crushed through the pasta.

Bitter salad on the side, radishes in rings, oak lettuce, butter lettuce, mint, coriander, mange tout peas, celery.

Completed with a handful of warm juicy strawberries each and a teensy dollop of tiramisu ice-cream, Rosie's cream of course, my mascarpone.

Self sufficiency, they may say, but it's He who brought us here. We plant, He grows. We milk and churned, He sustains and protects.

And now?

Now, He gets the credit.

I am thankful for the beginning of the harvest.


  1. Sounds like a brilliant meal. I often feel sad for those who choose not to follow this lifestyle but rely heavily on convenience food. I too am very thankful!

  2. I wonder if I'll ever get over the sense of wonder and appreciation when I sit down to a home grown meal.

  3. I miss those awesome meals of yours xxx

    1. Thanks Wends. xx Looking forward to sharing meals with K.