Monday, September 19, 2011

Dreamy Ice-Creams

It wouldn't seem as if making ice-cream fits into the Elastic Mom approach to life, but when the cream is skimmed off buckets of milk from the cow in the field nearby, then ice-cream churning is definitely an Elastic Mom pursuit. If I'm not too careful with my ice-cream passion, then Elastic Mom could rapidly become Spongy Mom, or Squishy Mom.

In the middle of Winter, on our frosty school break, I was gripped with ice-cream fever. I made four types of ice-cream in one week. The results were superb, ultra rich, creamy and smooth....

... definitely of the one-scoop a day to savour its goodness type of thing.

 Day 1: The best vanilla ice-cream in  the world. My discerning five-year old nephew gave it his rare stamp of approval. His mom likened it to a certain well known gourmet brand beginning with an 'H'

 Day 2: Chocolate fudge ripple ice-cream layered with peanut butter patties. Unbelievably scrumptious.

 Day 3: Peanut butter and 'Jelly' ice-cream. Not just any jam, but my home made apricot jam from last Summer. Oh my word! The best PBJ you could ever taste, so good that it was gobbled up before I could get a decent pic.

 Day 4: Roasted banana ice-cream with chocolate sauce. Sounds odd, but think of caramelized bananas roasted in brown sugar, then cooled and mixed with cream. Dense, but delicious.

Day 5: The grand finalé.... a scoop of each. Much bowl-licking happened that night. Votes were taken and the chocolate fudge ripple with peanut butter patties won hands down.

All credit goes to David Lebovitz and his awesome book, The Perfect Scoop. His superb vanilla ice-cream recipe is here;

oh, and credit goes to my generous son for the pocket-money-busting book voucher that he gave me for my birthday which bought the book;

and to my loving husband who heard my rather loud hints that an ice-cream machine would be a perfect birthday present;

yes, and credit to Daisy, Jasmine, and Clover, the pretty jersey cows who provided the creamy milk;

and, my sweet friend, Lisa, who owns the cows;

and our awesome God who thought of ice-cream when He created cows.


  1. oh yum, homemade ice cream is the beat. I can still remember my mum making it when I was little, 50 years ago. And now we make it when the cow's milking,

  2. This is definately something to do on my summer learning skills list. I am hoping to do it without the purchase of a machine, though.

  3. If you freeze it and keep beating it every 30min or so, then the ice crystals won't be so big. It might still be quite hard though. The machine is really just to get the creamy texture.