Friday, July 1, 2011

On My Mind Today...

Sore-throat-soothing, lemon, ginger and honey rooibos tea made in an almost empty honey jar.

My mother taught me to save every last drop of whatever's in a jar, by shaking up the dregs in the jar with something a little more liquid.

So I ...

... make tea in almost empty honey jars
... shake up mayonnaise jars with milk to add to a salad dressing and sauces,
... shake up tomato sauce and chutney bottles with vinegar or water to add to soup or stew,
... shake up relish and chutney jars with salad dressing to add an extra zing to salads,
... shake up jam jars with water or milk to use in porridge, or baking,
... shake up Marmite jars with hot water for gravies and soups,
... shake up shampoo bottles with hot water and pour them in my hair,

Shaking jars adds extra flavour to my cooking and in true Elastic Mom style,

P.S. My son loves farm lollipops - teaspoons with the last bits of honey sticking to them.

Rhonda at Down to Earth inspired this Friday On My Mind post.


  1. I too love having a supply of empty jars -- my sourdough starter is in one!

  2. What a simple, yet marvellous idea!

  3. A great post! My Mum showed me how to shake up the dregs of a bottle in this manner as well. What a good idea to use the remains of a honey jar with lemon, ginger and tea! I have two jars with little remnants of honey in them and would prefer to use it up instead of washing it away...!