Sunday, June 5, 2011

Thanks Aesop

All Summer and Autumn long, as I busily scurried harvesting, jamming, pickling and preserving, stocking up for Winter, I was spurred on by Aesop's ant who was wiser than the grasshopper. She made the most of the harvest and smiled through Winter, while the fun-loving grasshopper played the Summer away.

Now, as my frosted vegetable patch is yielding just a few salad leaves, some herbs, a few radishes and carrots, I too am smiling. A lot of our current meals are painless and fast, the nearest thing to take-aways around here. I just defrost a tub of broccoli soup base and fiddle it a bit for a delicious meal, thaw some tomato sauce for a pasta dish, spread sweet jam onto hot scones, slap some delicious pickles on a toasted cheese, toss some pesto into a salad, stir-fry an assortment of my prepared frozen veggies, or toss them under a chicken that is roasting...

 Today I am under the weather, mom-down in bed, yet there is plenty of food for my family thanks to the hard work during the warmer months. Last month I was also able to plan meals and feed my family for two weeks just using food that I had stored up in the freezer and pantry.

So this cold season is my chance for rest and comfort. I am settling into the rhythm of the climate here. I have picked up my crochet with renewed enthusiasm. This is a time for warm fires, stories and movies, creative hands and comfort food. What is more comforting than effortless, nourishing food on the table.

Lately I have even been seen soaking the occasional warm rays on my tiny patio as I read a magazine, cup of tea close at hand, kitty on my lap. Best of all, there is no guilt as I enjoy my rest. I darn well earned it.

So thank you Aesop for the motivation.


  1. Sounds wonderful Catherine. Love the Kitty picture :-)

  2. you do deserve it my sweet sister xxx

  3. Oh how i miss our woodheater this winter its soooo dang cold here in tassie , love the puss in bed bed very cute!!
    enjoy your winter and the rewards of all your hard work through out the warmer months :-)