Friday, March 4, 2011

On My Mind

Today I am thinking of apples. The trees are laden. All I need to do is summon willing hands to pick, and then it will be apple juice, apple pie, apple muffins, baked apples...drizzled with honey... filled with raisins...served with homemade cinnamon ice-cream.

Autumn is creeping in with the morning chill. I need to seize the moment and reap the benefits of the harvest before winter steals it all away.

I love this idea of posting what's on my mind. Thank you Rhonda


  1. oooh, how beautiful!! I think we only got a handful of apples from our old tree last year, but hoping a brighter future for the new trees we planted. Meantime, I'll just be happy for you!

  2. It made me hungry just reading this post! Apple crumble would be top of my list...