Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Speedy Gonzales Mexican Beans

After a long, icy sojourn in my freezer, my last batch of Bouncing Beans from the December cook up finally made their way into the pot and onto our plates as SPEEDY GONZALES MEXICAN BEANS. This family favourite meal is an excellent Elastic Mom choice, named for the speed in which it arrives at the table.

- First fry up some onion, garlic and green pepper.
- Add generous amounts of MEXICAN spices - cumin (whole or ground), oregano and chili, if you like.
- When it is starting to smell delicious, toss in the beans.
- Add lots of tomato in whatever form you have it, the more the better.

- Simmer for a while until the flavours are well blended and the whole house smells wonderful.
- Then season to taste.

That's basically it.

Now Mexican food isn't Mexican without some good old corn added. So serve it up on top of whatever corn you have in the house. You can use sweetcorn cut off the cob and steamed, polenta, tacos, enchiladas, corn bread, or best off all... nachos cheese flavoured corn chips (crisps).

Top it with whatever you have of the following:

shredded lettuce
salsa or chopped tomatoes
chives or spring onion
guacamole or chopped avo
sour cream or plain yoghurt
cilantro / fresh coriander
and NOT to be left out - grated cheese

Great variations are to fry up chopped chicken, or ground beef to either replace the beans or add to them.

My son loves this meal so much that it was his birthday dinner request.

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  1. yes, one of our favourites too! Josh requested it the night before he had his wisdom teeth out:)